The Season Has Changed Again

MarlaIt's the most wonderful time of the year. I know, those lyrics are from one of the songs that was used way too much in ads again this holiday season, but for us it really is about ADDY season. It's time to reward those who created great work this past year.

It’s not about showing off or proving yourself. Okay... maybe it is. The ADDY Awards is all about you. You are a big thinker, the creative who has the idea that grows beyond small borders and comes to life. Whether you are a large shop, a small agency, a graphic artist, web designer or work in any other advertising profession anywhere in Florida and the Caribbean, creativity isn’t limited to the size of your team or your market.

Local ADDY entry is open now. Local entry deadlines are as soon as next Friday. Local awards will be presented in Februay, our District ADDY show is on April 20 in Jacksonville and the National ADDY Awards will be presented in Phoenix on June 8th.

I look forward to helping you show off.

Click here to register and enter your local ADDY competition.

Good Luck and Go Fourth!
Marla Lucas

ADDY Entry Is All New This Year There are a few significant changes to the ADDY® Award entry procedure. We’ve got a new entry submission system that was developed by National AAF that is a little different than what we used before, but should be easy to pick up. When submitting printed entries, you now upload a PDF in addition to the actual printed work you drop off. Most significantly, there are no more CDs and DVDs for broadcast media. Audio and video files are now uploaded when you complete your online entry form. If you have questions, contact your local ADDY chair or email

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2013 ADDY Deadline Is Near!

You can download a Call For Entries Guide here.


How To Submit Your ADDY Entries


Click here to download a step by step guide for the new ADDY entry site.