Nairn GilletNairn' Wraps It Up

My term of office on the 4th District Executive Committee is drawing to a close at the end of this month, I’ve been a member of the Advertising Federation for 21 years. For twenty of those years, I was involved in one way or another at the District level. For four of them I was the president of my local club; for six, I served on the Executive Committee; and for the rest, I acted as one District Committee Chair or another. Read More

The Ad Fed Year Is Ending - Governor Marla Lucas

District Four is headed to Phoenix for ADmerica this week as we wind down to the final month of the 2012-2013 AAF year. We have experienced many great accomplishments this year. We have upgraded our website, worked through new ADDY software with our local clubs, engaged in more continuous club management workshops through our webinar leadership series and our live programs this year. Read More

 New D4 Online Video Site


As part of our continuing efforts to advance the advertising profession, technologies, creative concepts and business development, AAF Fourth District has always presented high profile speakers at conferences. This past year we have also been conducting district-wide webinars. To expand our online network and make those resources available to a wider audience we have now launched a new portfolio of videos.

The first video features Bobby Jones, Founder & CEO of Orlando based Purple, Rock, Scissors. He takes us through the lifestyle and values of a digital agency from the necessary creative passion to future client collaboration. Read More

 We're Headed To San Juan! - Incoming Governor Susan Waldeck

I'm very excited to get the new adfed year kicked off in San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 28-30 at our annual Leadership Conference. The incoming Presidents from the local clubs will have a chance to meet the District Committee Chairs, each other, and learn more about the organization from AAF national down to forming their own boards and budgets at home. We hope to the leave the weekend well educated, motivated, and as a team working together for the betterment of advertising across the state of Florida and the Caribbean.

26 National ADDYs

The National ADDY Awards will be presented in Phoenix on June 8th at the AAF AdMerica Conference. We have been notified that a total of 26 National ADDYs will be presented to eleven professional firms and four students from the Fourth District. More award results will be published after the ceremony on Saturday. Read More

Past D4 Governor Elected To NARB

Fifth Third Bank’s Florida Regional Marketing Director and Past Governor of the Fourth District Barb Scherer has been appointed to the National Advertising Review Board (NARB). A group within the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council, NARB is the advertising industry’s only peer-review process and serves to ensure that advertising claims are truthful and accurate. Read More