Susan Waldeck13Happy Fourth!

The new AdFed year is officially underway, and the D4 Board of Directors kicked it off island style in beautiful Puerto Rico this past weekend at our annual Leadership Conference. We are lucky to be the only district in the country that includes the Caribbean, which is a hot bed of advertising and has an inspirational flair. There was plenty of learning going on, but my favorite part of every leadership conference is the team-building activities we do, this year being building the 4AAF logo in the sand, and a very rainy hike through the rainforest. A very special thank you to our sponsors: the Puerto Rico Department of Tourism for hosting a lovely outdoor reception in Old San Juan Friday night, complete with salsa and Cha Cha dance lessons! And to Jack Hebert and The Mallard Group for the rainforest excursion transportation. Now it's back to the real world of budgeting, committee building, and protecting the interests of advertising in our local markets and statewide! I'm excited to get started, and hope you will all join us this year as we Go Fourth!

Susan Waldeck - Governor
Leadership PR13

Logo-SEEPRSee All That We Saw

Our hosts in San Juan rolled out the red carpet for us. It kicked off a weekend of leadership training punctuated with exploring amazing sites for history, nature, food and fun. A continuous stream of online social media posts shared the experiences. Now our Facebook History page features an album of amazing photos that will give us great memories and share the enviable experience with everyone.

To find out more about visiting Puerto Rico go to

To view our photo album click here. 


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